Making Alice Large


I had originally intended to paint and attach the paper image to the smaller figure but when I was cutting back the paint, I found that I preferred the distressed figure. The idea of the cutout at the back of the box occurred when I saw the shadow of the original figure. This make both the figure and the cutout ghostly like a memory.


The image above shows the point when I was reconciling the placement of items in the box. I already decided on the color of the “sky” and the grass below it. I knew that I wanted cards on the floor.

The small flower was to be at the top of the grass (as roses). I abandoned this idea as I felt it was going to make the image just too pretty.


At this point, all of the items are resolved. Notice that one card is already flipped. Although this image is after the one before it, it makes logical sense in describing the process. You will notice that the cat was changed to a more realistic one.


The last thing added was the cat smile. This is a painted fingernail. It was the only thing that was flexible enough and yet firm enough to hold the shape.


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