The Series

 The idea for this series comes from an accident that occurred when I exhibited at Glenview Mansion years ago. I placed a steel sculpture on the floor, and the metal reacted with the unprimed oak leaving a black stain. This made me wonder about creating a work of art by simply painting a portion of the floor black to make it look as if there were a hole. However, this would not be possible in this gallery. This in turn led me to wonder how artists could achieve the same thing without a suitable space.

So if a venue were not available, what if the artist supplied both the installation and the venue? “Monumental Sculptures, Small Spaces” is a device to do this.

 What the sculptures aim to do is to take objects and by placing them in in an inconsistent setting, change the interpretation of the piece.

In sculpture, monumentality and size are not the same thing.  This is what I am playing with in this series. Monumentality is the presence a piece has in its environment. It is perceptual and context based. Size, on the other hand, is an absolute. It can be measured.  The physical size of the sculpture is an absolute. 

Each piece also presents a narrative. Each piece tells a story. Some pieces had a narrative from the start.


Red Summer

“Red Summer” was conceived in toto. The image of the piece to be made was immediate and complete. Another piece, “Yellow Terror”, evolved over time. It is “Yellow Terror” because it was a nightmare to make, both in terms of its physical nature (aluminum) and the image (which changed several times). I still cannot tell if “Yellow Terror” works, because I am still too attached to it. But it is a good try. I leave the final decision up to the viewer.

Yellow Terror

Yellow Terror


These pieces are a departure from my usual steel work. I do not know if I will continue to make small sculptures. I do not know if I will return to larger steel pieces. However, whatever I do, I believe that my work will be forever changed by the time spent on this series. All works are part of the progression of my work to some, God only knows, end point.  Maybe, I may even paint a floor of some gallery black.



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