Red Summer


“Red Summer” was conceived in toto. The image of the piece to be made was immediate and complete. Another piece, “Yellow Terror”, evolved over time. It is “Yellow Terror” because it was a nightmare to make, both in terms of its physical nature (aluminum) and the image (which changed several times). I still cannot tell if “Yellow Terror” works, because I am still too attached to it. But it is a good try. I leave the final decision up to the viewer.


Peggy Sue Got Married

img_2849 img_2840


This piece is in part a parody of Claus Oldenburg’s Clothespin. The major difference is that the peg is disassembled. This creates a tension between each prong. The placement of the prongs is critical to creating the desired tension. Too close and they visually join. Too far apart and they are two separate items. The goal is to place them at a distance that creates a tension.