Eyes Forward: Escape of the Tortured



This piece is about the energy that exists within a form. By cutting into a box and pulling the contents forward we create a liberated form.

img_2894 img_2888 img_2883 img_2889



Peggy Sue Got Married

img_2849 img_2840


This piece is in part a parody of Claus Oldenburg’s Clothespin. The major difference is that the peg is disassembled. This creates a tension between each prong. The placement of the prongs is critical to creating the desired tension. Too close and they visually join. Too far apart and they are two separate items. The goal is to place them at a distance that creates a tension.



Alice Chopped



John Mors and Theresa mARTin have each created an “Alice In Wonderland” art piece based on a CHOPPED style challenge that we gave to ourselves.

CHOPPED is a great show on The Food Network where chefs are given three to
five of the same ingredients and are expected to feature them in a meal.

Our same ‘ingredients’ were an odd shaped cigar box, a wine box, a vintage
photo that reminded us of Alice and a small rabbit.